3D-printed self-folding electronics on MIT front page!

Subramanian Sundaram's recent work 3D-printed self-folding electronics was selected as Today's spotlight on MIT front page this morning! In this paper, Subra and his colleagues built a prototype self-folding printable device that includes electrical leads and a polymer “pixel” that changes from transparent to opaque when a voltage is applied to it. Check out this video to learn more about this tiny and cute self-folding robot!

New PhD student joining our group

We are pleased to announce that Yuanming Hu is joining our group as a PhD student starting from September 2017. Yuanming obtained his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Yao class at Tsinghua University. His research interests include physics-based simulation and rendering, as well as many other topics in computer graphics. Yuanming is also the author of Taichi, a popular open-source computer graphics software that implements more than 40 Siggraph/ToG papers. Welcome!

Interactive Robogami in the news!

Adriana Schulz's paper Interactive Robogami is in the news today! In this project, Adriana and her coauthors develop a tool that lets users create ambulatory robots from a library of pieces that fold and fit together like origami. Check out this video to see some adorable robots they made!

Media coverage: MIT NewsTechCrunchEngadgetGadgetsDigital Trends3D printTechRadarRS-Tech, EurekAlert, and 3Ders.

Two-scale topology optimization in the news!

Bo Zhu's paper Two-scale topology optimization with microstructures was featured at the front page of MIT News today! It is also covered by more than 20 media sites. In this paper, Bo proposed a method that can efficiently genrate 3D-printable structures with more than 1,000,000,000,000 elements with just a regular computer. Check out his project page to learn more!

New Postdoc joining our group

Tae-Hyun Oh is joining our group as a new postdoctoral research starting from this summer. He received his PhD from KAIST where he worked with Prof. In So Kweon and Prof. Jinwoo Shin. He is a recipient of Microsoft Research Asia fellowship, gold prize of Samsung HumanTech thesis award, Qualcomm Innovation award, and top research achievement awards from KAIST. Welcome Tae-Hyun!

Computational multicopter design code release

After several months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of the source code from our SIGGRAPH ASIA paper Computational Multicopter Design, which is now available on GitHub. Click here to learn more about its feature highlights and relevant media coverage, including a recent WIRED story.

One paper accepted at SCA 2017

Andrew Spielberg and his co-authors at Disney research and University of Toronto presented a method to help users design cable-driven robots. They will present their full paper Designing Cable-Driven Actuation Networks for Kinematic Chains and Trees at this year's SCA in Los Angeles. This work has received media attention from EurekAlert,, ECNews, and 3D printing industry.

Jumping bots in the news!

Desai Chen's paper Dynamics-Aware Numerical Coarsening for Fabrication Design has received media attention from MIT, and Science Daily. Desai will present his work at SIGGRAPH 2017 next week.

InstantCAD in the news!

Tired of spending time meant for your mechanical design work actually just waiting for simulations to finish? Check out Adriana Schulz's latest work InstantCAD in MIT NEWSEngadget3D printScience DailyBusiness Standard, and more!

Andrew Spielberg presented a talk at RSS workshop

Our PhD student Andrew Spielberg presented a talk at this year's RSS workshop on July 16. In his talk Andy presented his recent work published at ICRA '17, SCA '17 and IJRR '17. Click here to learn more about Andy's research!