The Computational Fabrication Group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory investigates problems in digital manufacturing and computer graphics. The group is led by Professor Wojciech Matusik.


3D-printed self-folding electronics on MIT front page!

Subramanian Sundaram's recent work 3D-printed self-folding electronics was selected as Today's spotlight on MIT front page this morning! In this paper, Subra and his colleagues built a prototype self-folding printable device that includes electrical leads and a polymer “pixel” that changes from transparent to opaque when a voltage is applied to it. Check out this video to learn more about this tiny and cute self-folding robot!

New PhD student joining our group

We are pleased to announce that Yuanming Hu is joining our group as a PhD student starting from September 2017. Yuanming obtained his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Yao class at Tsinghua University. His research interests include physics-based simulation and rendering, as well as many other topics in computer graphics. Yuanming is also the author of Taichi, a popular open-source computer graphics software that implements more than 40 Siggraph/ToG papers. Welcome!

Interactive Robogami in the news!

Adriana Schulz's paper Interactive Robogami is in the news today! In this project, Adriana and her coauthors develop a tool that lets users create ambulatory robots from a library of pieces that fold and fit together like origami. Check out this video to see some adorable robots they made!

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Two-scale topology optimization in the news!

Bo Zhu's paper Two-scale topology optimization with microstructures was featured at the front page of MIT News today! It is also covered by more than 20 media sites. In this paper, Bo proposed a method that can efficiently genrate 3D-printable structures with more than 1,000,000,000,000 elements with just a regular computer. Check out his project page to learn more!

New Postdoc joining our group

Tae-Hyun Oh is joining our group as a new postdoctoral research starting from this summer. He received his PhD from KAIST where he worked with Prof. In So Kweon and Prof. Jinwoo Shin. He is a recipient of Microsoft Research Asia fellowship, gold prize of Samsung HumanTech thesis award, Qualcomm Innovation award, and top research achievement awards from KAIST. Welcome Tae-Hyun!