The Computational Fabrication Group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory investigates problems in digital manufacturing and computer graphics. The group is led by Professor Wojciech Matusik.


One paper accepted to SIGGRAPH 2019

Our PhD student Jie Xu will present his latest work "Learning to Fly: Computational Controller Design for Hybrid UAVs with Reinforcement Learning" at SIGGRAPH 2019 this summer. In this paper, Jie proposed a novel neural network controller design for hybrid UAVs, an aerial robot that is challenging to control due to its complex aerodynamic effects. His method allows us to directly apply a controller trained in simulation to real hybrid UAV hardware without any modification. Checkout his website and the project page to find more!

One paper accepted to ICML 2019

Alex and Tae-Hyun's latest paper on neural inverse knitting is accepted to ICML 2019. In this paper, they introduce the new problem of automatic machine instruction generation using a single image of the desired physical product. Check out the project page to learn more about the way they tackle the problem and see a dataset of real knitting samples!

Tae-Hyun Oh joined FAIR

After spending one and a half wonderful years in our lab, our very own Postdoctoral researcher, Tae-Hyun Oh, joined Faceboook AI Research, Cambridge, MA, which is located across the street. During his stay at MIT, Tae-Hyun has contributed to a wide range of research projects, including Motion MagnificationSoft SegmentationSpeech2Face, and Inverse Knitting. Congratulations to Tae-Hyun, and wish him the best of luck in the future!

One paper accepted to ICRA 2019

Yuanming's latest paper ChainQueen was accepted to ICRA 2019. In this paper, he presented a differentiable deformable body simulator that opens up lots of possibilities for efficient controller and geometry design algorithms in robotics. Check out this video to see what amazining work can be done using his simulator!

DeepPainting in the news!

Liang Shi's Siggraph Asia paper: Deep Multispectral Painting Reproduction via Multi-Layer, Custom-Ink Printing, has been covered by lots of media outlets including TechCrunchForbes 1, Forbes 2, Fast CompanyEngadgetThe Telegraph, WIRED Italy, Daily MailMIT News, 3D Printing Media Network, MIT Sloan Management Review, New Atlas, and many more! Please check out his website for paper and data, or come to his talk if you are also at Siggraph Asia this week!