Two papers accepted to SIGGRAPH 2018


Adriana Schulz, who recently defended her PhD thesis in our group, will present her work Interactive Exploration of Design Trade-Offs at SIGGRAPH 2018. In this paper, Adriana and her coauthors presented a new method to interactively explore the Pareto front in the performance space of a design problem. This is joint work with Professor Eitan Grinspun at Columbia University and Professor Justin Solomon at MIT CSAIL.

Yagiz Aksoy, a former visiting student in our group, will present his latest work Semantic Soft Segmentation at SIGGRAPH 2018. In this work, they introduced semantic soft segments, a set of layers that correspond to semantically meaningful regions in an image with accurate soft transitions between different objects. This is joint work with Sylvain Paris at Adobe Research and Professor Marc Pollefeys at ETH Zurich.

Congratulations to them and looking forward to their presentations at SIGGRAPH!